Our goal at E-Greenleaf is to inspect and protect any and all trees or shrubs in your yard. Curb appeal is not just the building, but the yard itself and nothing beats a well maintained yard. To get your yard to the image that you want it to be, it takes tedious work and a lot of patience–something that we thrive in. There are two types of tree and shrub care: general care, and sick care.

E-Greenleaf has 23 years of experience in custom treatment plants for all trees and shrubs as well as diagnosis of sick trees or shrubs and treating them with professional recommended horticultural practices.

Insect & pest control from e-greenleaf of OKC will keep unwanted pests from attacking your outdoor plants & shrubs.

Sick Lawn Care

If you have trees or shrubs that you think are sick, then E-Greenleaf has your back. Whether it’s blight disease, canker disease, nutritional deficiencies, or damage from pests and insects, we can fix it all. Our team is made up of professionals with a trained eye who can answer any and all questions as well as get your lawn to where it needs to be.

Oklahoma Native Trees

Knowing which trees grow best in the Oklahoma climate is just one step in creating a beautiful yard. When thinking about what trees to plant in your yard, first you have to think about what the end goal is; are you planting trees to provide shade, to add color to your yard, do you want a tree that produces fruit, or all of the above? Second, you need to take into account the space you are working with; are power lines going to be in the way, will the tree get enough sun, what is the soil consistency like (clay, sandy, soggy, well drained, etc.)? Our E-Greenleaf experts will be able to properly assess your yard and recommend the best type of trees to plant in your yard.

Trees that we trust:

River Birch
Blue Atlas Cedar
Golden Deodar Cedar
Wildfire Blackgum
Prairiefire Crabapple
Bald Cypress
Lacebark Elm
Desert Willow
Amur Maple
Autumn Blaze Maple
Caddo Maple
October Glory Maple
Shantung Maple
Shumard Oak
Bosnian Pine
Chinese Pistache
Rockford Road Planetree
Oklahoma Redbud
Rising Sun Redbud

Customer 4 season Tree and Shrub care program

Here at E-Greenleaf, we understand that each yard is different, that is why although we do have programs in place like the one explained below, we focus more on customizable treatments that are able to meet the needs of each individual yard. E-Greenleaf’s tree and shrub care program consists of 4 seasonal applications: Winter, spring, summer, and fall.

  • Winter: Custom granular and foliar fertilization, deep root injection, insect control
  • Spring: Custom granular and foliar fertilization, insect control
  • Summer: Custom granular and foliar fertilization, insect control
  • Fall: Custom granular and foliar fertilization, deep root injection, insect control

Customizable treatment plans are available for trees, shrubs, flower beds, and more, that suffer from nutritional deficiencies, disease, or pest/insect infestations. Not sure where to start? Give us a call at (405) 305-5629 and we’ll help you take the appropriate steps in creating a beautiful yard.

We are ready to deliver impeccable service and lawn care that your neighbors won’t be able to stop talking about. Let’s do this!

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