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Here at E-Greenleaf, we offer a variety of services that we guarantee will be up to your standards as well as ours. We always put our customers first when it comes to what is best for them and their home. We specialize in tree and shrub care, insect and pest control, seeding, weed control and fertilization.

The Hurley Health project was a OKC Lawn Seeding job where we made their lawn look great.

Our Services:

Weed control and treating plants to prevent diseases is one of the services provided by e-greenleaf of OKC.

Weed and Disease Control

At E-Greenleaf we offer only the best treatment plans as well as customizable treatment plans to keep your weeds under control. We also specialize in disease control in turf, trees, and shrubs. We assess sickly trees and/or shrubs. Our goal is to bring any and all aspects of your yard back to optimum health.

Lawn fertilization is one of the services e-greenleaf provides because keeping your lawn fertilized will keep it healthy.


In order for your lawn to flourish, it needs nutrients. Over time, for many different reasons whether it be rain, pests, or simply dry weather, the soil in your yard will lose its nutrients. Fertilization is key to helping your lawn grow deeper roots, resulting in a year-round healthy lawn. It won’t just look healthy, but it will be healthy.

Insect and Pest Control

Mole crickets, ticks, fleas, ants, mosquitoes, webworms, bagworms, army worms, you got it? We can get rid of it. E-Greenleaf isn’t only dedicated to maintaining your yard, but your home as well. We provide insect and pest control services that treat the wide range of issues that come with having pests in your home and yard.

Insect & pest control from e-greenleaf of OKC will keep unwanted pests from attacking your outdoor plants & shrubs.
Pesticides are important from protecting your plants from harmful bugs and diseases that can take over your lawn and garden.

General Lawn and Shrub Upkeep

Curb appeal is not just the building, but the yard itself and nothing beats a well maintained yard. To get your yard to the image that you want it to be in, it takes tedious work and a lot of patience–something that we thrive in, here at E-Greenleaf. A great yard establishes a great home.

Why Choose E-Green Leaf

E-Green Leaf has been servicing Oklahoma City for over 23 years. If you’ve ended up on our website, you’re probably looking for lawn service, tree/shrub care, or pest control. As you have probably noticed, there are a TON of companies who offer what we offer. So, why choose us?

  • We are educated & knowledgeable. Horticulture and tree care runs in our blood.
  • Our experience is second to none. We’ve been doing this a long, long time.
  •  We believe in quality over quantity. We choose our team and our clients carefully.
  •  Shortcuts and overpromising are NEVER accepted at E-Greenleaf
Tree & lawn care services from e-greenleaf is top ranked in OKC by all of their customers.


E-Greenleaf to learn more about our services and to schedule an
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