Professional Insect and Pest Control

At E-Greenleaf we are dedicated to maintaining and caring for all aspects of your yard, that’s why we also provide effective insect and pest control services. We use products that are safe for you and your pets. We treat anything from ticks, fleas, and webworms, to moles, mosquitoes, and bores.

Sometimes the start of a healthy, beautiful yard starts with the extraction of unwanted, harmful pests and insects. Our experts are not just trained in maintaining the beauty aspect of your yard, but also in keeping your yard a healthy, pest and insect free environment. That includes being knowledgeable about which insects are actually beneficial to your yard.

The bug or pest that is infiltrating your yard will depend on several different factors. What season it is, what plants are in your yard and the condition of the soil. After one of our trained team members comes to inspect your home, we will come up with a customized plan that will fit the specific needs of your case, ensuring that we get the job done right.

Keep your lawn healthy by mowing regularly, watering deeply but infrequently, fertilizing appropriately, and aerating annually.

Common bugs often found in Oklahoma include:

There are certain things you’re able to do to protect your lawn and trees from being infested and ruined by bugs and pests.


Spined Micrathena Spider

Giant Walking Stick

Oil Beetle

Masked Hunter

The masked hunter, aka reduvivus personatus, is an insect that belongs to the assassin bug family, with the ability to camouflage themselves and cause a painful bite that can swell and cause numbness equivalent to a bee’s sting if not taken care of properly.

black masked hunter
Stink Bugs on Leaves In OKC

Stink Bugs

Though stink bugs aren’t harmful to humans, they will do a number on your yard. It is true that stink bugs feed on the weeds in your yard, but they also feed on fruits, vegetables, and basically any plants that are alive. What’s worse, is they are seemingly immune to pesticides. You definitely don’t want a stink bug invasion.

Cow Killer

This bug is exactly what it sounds like: a cow killer. Oftentimes it’s mistaken as a harmless ant, but it is actually a deadly wasp that you definitely don’t want inhabiting your yard.

Cow Killer Wasp On Flower

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